Thursday, April 6, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fandom Goodies I Want from Etsy #127

The Broke and Bookish.

1. Veronica Mars: Veronica Mars and Logan Custom Made Funko Pops! 
Veronica Mars was my first fandom outside of books, I loved the show and continue to rewatch seasons 1-2 over and over again. 
2. Gilmore Girls: Custom Coffee from BocaJavaCoffee  on Etsy.
One of my favorite series of all time, I've done two watchs of the 7 seasons and want to rewatch it! :) I've been dying to get my hands on some of these Gilmore Girls themed coffee.  
3. Harry Potter: Magnetic Bookmarks from ReadandWonder 
4. Harry Potter: Bath Bomb from NerdieNifties
5. Gilmore Girls: Mugs from Jittermug

6. The Raven Boys: Candles from Novellyyours

7. Stranger Things: Charm Bracelet from FandomShired 

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