Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten TV Shows I'm Watching This Fall #102

The Broke and Bookish. 

1. Gotham Season 3. FOX. September 19th. One of my favorite TV Shows, mainly because of the villains. 
Image result for gotham season 3
2. The Good Place - NBC. September 19th. A new show but it has Kristen Bell so it is a must watch.
Image result for the good place poster
3. Atlanta - FX. September 6th. Donald Glover is awesome so I will be watching this.
Image result for Atlanta poster donald glover
4. This is Us - NBC. September 20th. 
Image result for this is us poster nbc
5. Speechless - ABC. September 21. 
Image result for speechless abc poster
6. Superstore - NBC. September 22.
Image result for superstore nbc poster


  1. The Good Place sounds like it's going to be awesome! Especially because I LOVE V Mars, and Kristen Bell of course is V Mars! :D Great Top Ten :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. Speechless looks like it could have potential.

    Check out my TTT.