Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons I Love My Local Library/College Library #90

The Broke and Bookish. 

1. Free Books!!!!! And I always check out around 10-11 books, lol.
2. Free Movies!!! This was very helpful when I did not have cable.
3. Free Video Games. I wish my library had more of these but it is still helped me figure out if I wanted to spend my money on the game.
4. Free Manga/Graphic Novel. They are pretty expensive, so free is always better.
5. Ishare/Inter Library Loan. I use both to get my sources for the 12 page papers I have to write when I'm at college and also my fun reads.
6. Free Kindle Books. I know how to work the system so I get a hold of the latest Stephen King before the regular 40 plus holds start happening. Plus, I can use the system when I'm at school.
7. Free Technology/Printing at my College library. 
8. Free place to hang out and study, also has a Starbucks vending machine.


  1. Free - the best part! :D

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  2. I really envy your library! My college library only has real stuffs like text books so I can't borrow any fiction books, let alone for kindle :( it is very helpful though when it comes to writing paper and essay :P
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  3. As someone with a tiny budget this list resonates fully with me

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