Thursday, November 13, 2014

Film Thursday # 20: Snowpiercer (2013)

Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie I've wanted to watch it, mainly because Chris Evens is in it (and I will watch everything he does). Plus it helped that it was getting a lot of good buzz. The story is unique, it has the last of humanity on a never ending train because the world is in a ice age. And Chris Evens and others are at the tail end and treated poorly, so they rebel and try to get to the engine. I really enjoyed this movie and it made me cry at the end thanks to Even's great acting ability. If you can't handle emotional or graphic movies this one isn't for you. But I liked how one scene only described the horrors that happened on the train and it still hits you hard. I also noticed that the editing/Cinematography of the movie was well done, they made such a depressing and violent movie look beautiful. I recommend checking this out. 5/5

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