Sunday, October 5, 2014

Manga Review: Say I Love You Volume 1 - 3

Summary from Goodreads:

Mei Tachibana has no friends—and she doesn’t need them! Ever since her “friends” betrayed her in elementary school, she’s sworn off friendship entirely. All it leads to is betrayal and heartbreak, and she’s well enough on her own. But everything changes when she accidentally roundhouse kicks the most popular boy in school! However, Yamato Kurosawa isn’t angry in the slightest— in fact, he thinks his ordinary life could use an unusual girl like Mei! He won’t take no for an answer, and soon Mei and Yamato embark on an unwanted friendship that will change both of them forever.


My Review:

I'm so glad that I picked up this manga from my library just based on the cover since I haven't heard anything about it.

This series is so darn cute and it only took me around 30 minutes to read each of the volumes. It has been a while since I loved a main character in a manga like I love Mei! :)

I recommend checking this series out, most of all if you like Boys Over Flowers.

My Rating:

Five Out of Five Stars for all Volumes :)

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