Thursday, October 9, 2014

Film Thursday #15: Godzilla (2014)

 I managed to get this movie for free on Ultra Violet, which made my day (I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it) and I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. However, the first hour was too slow for me, but the second hour and the end of the movie was so action packed and amazing. Of course my favorite part was Godzilla, plus I loved the main character Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, from Kick-Ass) and the other characters were not bad. It would have gotten a better score if the monsters, mainly Godzilla had shown up sooner, way too much build up. 3/5

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  1. Great review. I have to admit to not liking this as much as I was hoping I would. The start was just slow and it took forever to get to the monsters. I also had no idea this was a Godzilla VS Monsters movie, I assumed it was Godzilla destroys people type movie. The introduction of the other monsters did throw me off.