Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: Changes (The Dresden Files #12) by Jim Butcher

Summary from Goodreads:

Long ago, Susan Rodriguez was Harry Dresden's lover—until she was attacked by his enemies, leaving her torn between her own humanity and the bloodlust of the vampiric Red Court. Susan then disappeared to South America, where she could fight both her savage gift and those who cursed her with it.

Now Arianna Ortega, Duchess of the Red Court, has discovered a secret Susan has long kept, and she plans to use it—against Harry. To prevail this time, he may have no choice but to embrace the raging fury of his own untapped dark power. Because Harry's not fighting to save the world...

He's fighting to save his child.

My Review:

It's going to be hard to review these novels with spoilers, just go and read this great series! :)

Compared to the last novel this one was fast paced and had a whole lot of plot and character development.

I'm becoming a big fan of Molly, her character is getting a lot more scenes and I want to see what happens with her. Once again my favorites are the animals, lol, mister/mouse (he had an epic scene!!!!!), Dresden was witty as usual, and I wanted so much more of Murphy.

The cliffhanger left me confused and with a need to jump into book 13, I'm still unsure what exactly happened in that last page.

I recommend checking out this series, it is just getting better with each book.

My Rating:

Four Stars

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