Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Websites I Waste Time On #88

1. Youtube - I spend a lot of time watching youtube on my PS4, I have a mixture of videos about books and other random things. :) One of my favorite channels is Eatyourkimchi. Watching Good Mythical Morning as I write this. :)
Spudgy and Meemers
2. Blogger! :) I write this blog, and I tend to be behind because of school so I waste about 1-2 hours or more getting ahead on my book reviews.
3. Goodreads - I love being able to keep track of my how many novels I've read or if I own/have read something. I also love the giveaways. 
4. Amazon.com App - My dad has Amazon Prime so I use it for movies/tv and free shipping. :)
5. Dramafever. It is a Korean Drama site. I used the website for a while but now I found out PS4 has a free App so I've been watching my favorite Korean Drama, Cheese in the Trap. 
6. Overdrive - I rent ebooks all the time from my library, I have four books out the moment and I'm reading the new Stephen King Short Story collection.
7. IShare - I love using ishare, it is a way to request books from my university from other libraries in the state.
8. Amazon Underground Apps - I love getting the free hidden object games.
9. Fanfiction - I mainly read instead of write these days and I love original characters. :)
10. Facebook - I use it to check in on family and talk to my cousin about Game of Thrones.

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