Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Friday Favorites: Not-So-Favourite Leading Laddies # 1

This meme is hosted by Book Badger. And this week the theme is main characters that I did not like in some of the books I've read.

1. Edward Cullen from Twilight. Yeah, I got turned off when he said that he watched her sleep, ick. It reminded me Angel from Buffy, and the show made it clear that watching someone sleep was wrong, while the book kind of prompted it, lol.
2. The Promise of Amazing. Grayson, the love interest and the second POV in the novel, I did not care for him at all, he seemed too whiny and was the one who fell into instant love.

3. Half Bad by Sally Green, Nathan. I just did not like the main character, a lot of bad things happened to him but I did not care because I never truly cared for him.
4. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I might get hate for this but I did not care for Lincoln, the whole idea that he reads their personal emails turns me off.

5. Control by Lydia Kang, Cy, I've never liked the whole bad boy with a heart of gold story line in books, and I did not care for him at all. 


  1. Heard of all of these books. I have Half Bad but haven't read it yet, and I considered Control but changed my mind, I'm glad about that! I've been considering Attachments more than ever lately, so I'll lower my expectations a lot now that I've seen you didn't like it, have to take everyone's thoughts into consideration. Thank you for taking part Rachel! :)

    1. You might like Half Bad, I just didn't see much character development happening or world building in the book.

  2. Great list this week! I had Edward as number one on my list too, that sleep aspect was REALLY CREEPY! I also read Control and didn't care for the book at all, let alone the characters, heehee. It's terrible but true.

    The other 3 are ones I am planning to read, so I will prepare myself for some male characters that I might end up hating. Great picks, here's mine.