Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

I thought it would be fitting to start off my new book blog with a fairy-tale retelling, after all I am obsessed with them and I MUST read them all, and Cruel Beauty is a wonderful one. I will have a brief summary of the story, but I will try to stay away from spoilers.


Since birth Nyx has be betrorthed to the demon ruler of her kingdom that has been seperated from all other lands and even the blue sky has been taken from them. Fools come and make deals with Ignifex the ruler that always end in misery and Nyx's father was one them and now Nyx has to pay the price. However, since nine years old Nyx has been trained by her father and her aunt and the freedom of her kingdom rest on her shoulders. 
My Review:

The moment that I find out about any fairy tale retelling I move it to the top of my reading list, but more so with retellings of Beauty and the Beast. However, most of the time I do not like most of them, most of all Beastly, but Cruel Beauty is now my favorite retelling so far and that is saying something. 

The Good:
Nyx is one kick ass heroine because she is smart and has flaws instead of being perfect. I knew that I liked her the moment she punched her husband in the face. 

The writing style is one I really enjoyed and I had a hard time putting it down, plus I will be reading any other books by Hodge in the future. 

My Rating:

Five out of Five Stars, something I do not give out a lot. I recommend this book to all of those Beauty and the Beast fans it was an amazing read!

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